There are many kinds of App developers out there. Many are focused almost entirely on ad revenue. The functions and features are just an after thought.

We’ve been developing Apps for mobile since 2012.
The reason we got started is that we wanted an App for a certain use and couldn’t find anything decent on the market.
Basically, we started by building a useful tool for ourselves and then offered it to others.

We still strongly feel that utility should be the main focus when building an app. 
We don’t focus too heavily on design because in the end straying too far from  standard design languages just makes Apps harder to use.
We want to be function over form.
Fast, Simple and Truly Useful is our motto.

We hope you like what you see.
Also, If you want to talk with us about improvements or an idea you have we’d be happy to hear it.

Fast, Simple and Truly Useful


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